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Welcome to North Florida Training

NFT teaches, mentors and establishes emergency techniques used for evacuation, first response, search and rescue operations, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
Providing real training that saves real lives

SAR, Hazmat and Emergency Response Training

Hazmat, vehicle pile-ups and accidents require more than just on the job training.  NFT partners with local and state organizations utilizing certified specs.
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On Call and Trained by Certified Professionals

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First Responder

Our team of professionals take a hands on and systematic approach to identifying individuals core strengths and learning habits.  By focusing on individual training NFT guarantees best of breed services and the highest quality learning atmosphere.

Emergency Response

Our emergency response educators come to NFT with a wealth of professional experience.  Our team is comprised of former law enforcement, military, special operations, engineers, personal trainers, entrepreneurs and professional educators.

Heavy Machinery

Our training facility is equipped with bulldozers, escavaters, dump-trucks, cranes and a mass array of other vehicles used for evacuation, disaster recovery and search and rescue operations.  Trained individuals become effective life savers.

First Aid and EMS

Our team knows first aid and care giving.  The team at NFT has years of experience in medical related industries and understands the importance of first aid, medical disbursement and living a healthy lifestyle.  Lifestyle training saves lives.

Technology Training

In a day and age where technology is a part of everything that we do, NFT uses and teaches technology from basics to beginners to advanced coding for experts.  When time is limited, communications and technology are a crucial asset.

Non Profit

NFT is a not-for-profit.  This means that our offices, training staff and expertise is free to the general public.  This also means that resources are sometimes limited, please contact us to donate land, resources, capital or the most valued asset; time.

When time is of the essence, a properly trained execution is the difference between life and death situations.

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Hurricanes per year

Yearly Earthquakes

Floods since 1980

National Response Firms

Core Competencies and Training Expertise

Hurricane Preparedness

Relevancy, core competency and proper training stem from qualified individuals.  Before training is complete, each member, officer and trainee must pass a oral and written examination determining best skill set and overall expertise.  Being effective requires strict methodologies.

Math & Mechanical

NFT provides more than SAR training, we provide basic training in the art of mechanical, automative and small engine rehabilitation.  We believe that being prepared means that we always have the right tools and a trained person to do the right job.

Training Deployment

Our team routinely scours the internet seeking missing persons, reposting amber and silver alerts, and identifies search and rescue efforts.  By doing this not only do we assist other agencies but our training and assets allow us to be on the go and ready in no time.

Relevant Training Courses

We don’t teach basket weaving or how to knit a quilt.  NFT creates courses and skill sets needed to for first responders including search and rescue specialists, automotive brigadiers and helicopter piloting.  We live by the news and media which means up to date, real time information.

Technology on the go

We prepare our staff and directors to be Johnny on the spot and ready to deploy at any time.  This means we must be able to create digital spreadsheets, be experts in social media and at the drop of a hat be airborne, marine ready or mobile in a van going across the country.


Our team of directors believe in the overall vision of our difficult feat: Teach, create, learn and assist.  Based on our Not-for-profit status, we are constantly looking for masters and surgeons of specialty training that are willing to donate their time to create yet another skilled NFT member.

North Florida Training at a glance

Our mission is to create a brand of top notch professionals trained fly, drive, dive, repair and assist search and rescue operations locally, nationally and globally.  Training and retraining provides NFT a cut above performance in time and execution-
Start Learning Today

The team at North Florida Training is looking for people who want to make a difference. For an in depth overview of how we can help you or your organization, contact one of our specialists today

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