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Being prepared means probability

During a natural disaster, critical thinking, proper execution and a common goal is paramount; NFT trains people for success during difficult times.

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NFT has developed the missing puzzle piece of educational change.  Not all people learn the same therefore teaching has become transformational and requires individual attention not conformity.


By focusing on the needs and learning habits of each of our members, mentors and directors, we have the ability to not only be triumphant in the retention of our teachings but we can build strength in our numbers.


Attention to detail, building strengths, creating benchmarks and training done right are the core crucibles that North Florida Training frames into every employee, executive and volunteer.


NFT will be a strategic powerhouse.  We intend on doing this by creating standards in an industry that typically side steps them.  Being a non-profit the magnifying glass is on us so we strive to be the best.

Our level of expertise comes from time and experience in the fields-

We found out early on that fluidity is necessary based on uncontrolled variables and unforeseen natural disasters.  If you stay stagnant and your core competencies remain the same; just like stagnant water after a while, things start to smell.  NFT is constantly updating and researching best practices and long term business sustainability goals.  Our focuses are on Natural Disasters, Technology, Aeronautical, Marine, Mechanical and Dive support and we anticipate adding new and updated roles for both the staff and our core syllabus.  Having a good idea is only as good as the support that stands behind it.  North Florida Training is also available to teach CPR, Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation best practices to large groups,corporations or city entities.

Basic, Intermediate and Expert Training

Whether your a retired law enforcement agent, Armed Services member or just your average Joe, NFT is excited to teach as well as learn.

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Emergency Response Training

The team at NFT is fully capable of teaching individuals, groups or organizations.  First Responder training will consist of certified speakers and exercises built around natural disasters, missing persons, aerial expertise and generic emergency situations.  We are fully equipped to teach, manage and test out directors, employees, organizations and groups.

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Immediate Placement

NFT has partnered with multiple organizations that allow the immediate use of fully trained officers for SAR operations, missing person investigations, dive missions, technology driven initiatives and Amber and Silver Alerts.  Our diverse relationships and sound training techniques not only create jobs for potential trainees but they create an overall better probability of success.

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Our administrative and support staff at North Florida Training is waiting to hear from you.  We are actively seeking volunteers to assist search and rescue missions across the states of Florida and Georgia.

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